Lethal Dark is an isometric stealth and action game that we have made for PC on the Unreal Engine 4. It is our first larger scale game and combines the traditional top-down view of classic games with unique gameplay and mechanics, as well as modern graphics, design and feel. To this is added a gripping narrative – a story shrouded in mystery, a fight against an unknown enemy in unfamiliar territory.

Extended Trailer

Take control of an elite soldier, part of an experimental unit utilizing advanced camouflage and recon technology to execute dangerous missions that would be nearly impossible for any other military operative. You have been tasked to go deep inside hostile territory in the far north, find out what a private military force is doing there and put a stop to it… if you have what it takes…

The game features a top-down perspective of your character, like in classic isometric games
like Diablo, however, it features a unique manual aiming and combat system, both ganged and melee. A standout feature of the gameplay is the camouflage ability that can be activated in the shadows – if there is no direct light shining on you, you can become effectively invisible, courtesy of your advanced stealth suit, however this drains your energy reserves and should be used sparingly. As your helper you have a small stealth drone that excels at recon and can distract enemies or manipulate technology. Use your gear, tactics, stealth or brute force to push forward and complete your mission!